Antec 900 Computer Case Details And Review – Antec Nine Hundred Is It Really Good?

The Antec 900 is a computer case that attracts many gamers. Here is the Antec Nine Hundred Review. Although the Antec 900 is not suitable for the latest technology, it is still a choice for gamers because it is budget-friendly.

Out of date but still good

The target group of PC gamers always expect the latest technical standard from a PC case, and with so many qualities for a gamer, Nine Hundred miss the USB 3.0 interface. The manufacturer will definitely offer a modern alternative soon, or an external hub solution will be used.

Views and equipment

Such a USB 3.0 hub can be easily accommodated in the rubber-lined shelf of the cover. This room is ideal for small items that should always be at hand, like USB sticks, digital cameras, or external hard drives. On the back, there is a 200-millimeter fan known from other models, which can be adjusted in three stages by fan control. The I / O panel is at an angle in the cover with two USB 2.0, one FireWire, and headphone ports. Similar to the sister model Nine Hundred Two, the entire front is made of knit fabric. The top three slots are for optical drives. In the lower area, just in front of the two hard drive cages, there are two 120-millimeter large, illuminated, and adjustable fans. The left side panel is designed as an optional ventilated window and offers a generous view of the equipment. A 120 fan is also installed at the rear – but there is no opening for water cooling. There is also a fan holder in the middle of the front of the graphics card.
Available space
With a height of 468 millimeters, the midi tower is more compact than the two versions but offers similarly generous space inside. Micro-ATX to ATX sized motherboards can be easily installed in bright interiors. Each of the two front-removable hard drive cages can accommodate three drives that you need to detach yourself somehow. About 400 millimeters are available for a long graphics card.

Antec 900 General Summary

Antec 900 To summarize, we see that it has very good features in terms of design, price and performance. Antec 900, which has given a successful performance compared to its competitors in this segment, has not received any serious complaints from its users until now and has given its users confidence with maximum positive feedback. With the Antec 900 2-year warranty, it continues to support any problem after the sale and does not suffer the user.

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Antec 900 has a very easily removable structure. You can open the cover by unscrewing the screws on the back and do the disassembly.

The two front and one rear TriCool Blue LED fans that the Nine Hundred Two comes with are 120mm x 25mm in size. The front fans are installed so that fresh air is blown into the case. Each of these front fans comes with speed control knob on the front faceplate

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