Apple Reportedly Talks with LiDAR Suppliers for Autonomous Vehicle Technology

n a new report released by Bloomberg, it was reported that Apple is in talks with LiDAR suppliers for autonomous vehicle technology. The fact that the LiDAR supplier has not been decided may indicate that we will not be able to see Apple Car on the road for a long time.

Reports that the Cupertino-based tech giant Apple is working on its own driverless vehicle have been coming for a long time. In a new report published, the company is in active negotiations with multiple suppliers for LiDAR sensors, a key technology in the development of the autonomous “Apple Car”.

Given that Apple Car will be a driverless vehicle, laser-based sensors that will allow an autonomous vehicle to see its surroundings are critical during development. According to the reports of Bloomberg, these talks, which are still ongoing, indicate that Apple has not yet decided on a single supplier.

Apple continues to negotiate with LiDAR suppliers for autonomous vehicle technology:


Just like the iPhone supply chain, Apple will use third-party suppliers to supply critical components in Apple Car. The fact that the LiDAR supplier has not yet been decided at this point may indicate that Apple’s driverless vehicle is still years away from today.

Sources told Bloomberg that Apple is trying to achieve LiDAR technology, which will be considered cutting-edge technology four to five years from now. The company was said to be in similar negotiations with LiDAR suppliers in 2019, but since then, the company’s automobile project has changed direction and scope.

Vehicle technology isn’t the only area where Apple uses LiDAR sensors. The US-based company, which used these sensors, which provide great improvements in augmented reality and photography, for the first time in the 2020 iPad Pro model, also included LiDAR sensors in iPhone 12 Pro devices that were released in recent months.

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