Best Thermal Paste Review – 2021 Special !

Thermal Paste is one of the indispensable cooling systems. So what is the best Thermal Paste? 2021 Best thermal paste review.

Thermal paste is of great importance for the CPU to work efficiently and for a long time. It must have a strong cooling performance. We have prepared an article on the best thermal paste recommendations for those who spend a long time in front of the computer. From this article, you can choose the best thermal paste for yourself and increase the efficiency of your computer.

Zalman ZM – STG2

Having a superior thermal conductivity, Zalman ZM – STG2 also has an ultra-low thermal resistance. In this way, it realizes the heat transfer between the cooler and the processor with the highest performance. At the same time, it provides easy use with the convenience it provides in storage. It is RoHS certified and has a composition that does not conduct an electric current. In this way, it guarantees safe use. Zalman ZM – STG2, which has a capacity of 3.5 grams, maintains its efficiency by working between -40 and 150 degrees.

Noctua NT – H1

Working with maximum performance in terms of heat transfer, Noctua NT – H1 does this by filling the air gaps between the processor and the cooler. It will be enough to put 1 drop of Noctua NT – H1 in the middle of your computer’s processor. Thanks to its fast-running performance, you do not need to wait for a long time. It weighs 3.5 grams and is very easy to apply. It allows you to achieve high performance with its 8.5 W / mK thermal conductivity. Noctua NT – H1, which can work without any problems for 5 years in a single application, has the most suitable working range in terms of temperature -50 to 200 degrees.

Corsair XTM50

It is a premium zinc oxide-based thermal compound for ideal thermal performance to increase heat transfer and lower temperatures. At the same time, the highly stable liquid compound will last for a long time without drying, cracking, or change inconsistency. It is not conductive and contains zero volatile compounds. Corsair XTM50, which offers a perfect solution to cool your PC, has an easy setup and application. Allows you to easily fill microscopic abrasions and voids for a high transfer.

Gelid GC – 2

Thanks to its high heat conduction and low heat resistance, it shows long-term and quality endurance. Thanks to its non-conducting structure, Gelid GC – 2 guarantees safe use. It is also odorless and won’t bother you when you’re filling. It can be used for a long time since it does not leak and corrosion. It does not show capacitive properties; In this way, it does not act before the voltage when another current enters the circuit. However, thanks to its long-term resistance to abrasion, it is the ideal choice for those who spend a long time in front of the computer and have overheating problems.


Having a perfect silicon structure, Xigmatek PTI – G3606 offers high performance with superior heat conduction. It is durable up to 240 degrees and thus allows you to use it for a long time. Even after prolonged exposure to high temperatures, it remains in a molten state and never dries. Xigmatek PTI – G3606 weighing 3 grams has a very good consistency. However, it has a spreader apparatus for easier application. It shows its effect by providing thermal conductivity in a very short time after its application. In this way, it is a quick solution to sudden warming. It eliminates the problem of frequent cooler replacement and you will not experience performance degradation due to heat. In addition to its quality and durable structure, it also provides safe use with its long-term guarantee. It has an important place among the best thermal paste recommendations.

TX Silent Wind

TX Silent Wind, which provides a high heat transfer between the processor and the heatsink, is a 1.5-gram high-density thermal paste. Thanks to its low heat resistance, it provides effective cooling by transmitting heat rapidly. TX Silent Wind, which can withstand up to 225 degrees, ensures that the temperature of your processor remains stable. It transfers heat perfectly even at high temperatures or icy cold. You can easily use it on all surfaces that need heat conduction on your computer. You can have the opportunity to work at a lower temperature by easily applying it to your processor, northbridge, or graphics card. TX Silent Wind, which is flexible and efficient in terms of usage, works towards meeting all your needs.

ThermalRight TF8

With its 13.8 W / MK heat transfer, it meets the needs of people who use their computers continuously for a long time. Thanks to the lack of curing time, the coolant starts to operate at its highest performance as soon as it is applied. Thanks to its long-lasting durability, it works smoothly for years and is an effective solution for quickly heating computers. Thanks to its non-conducting feature, it does not cause a short circuit. In this way, your work is not interrupted and it provides safe use. It is an ideal option thanks to its wide operating temperature range between -220 degrees and 380 degrees. You can make long-term use with its 5.8-gram weight. In this way, instead of changing your video card or processor, you will find a more affordable solution.

Coolmaster Mastergel PRO

Developed to meet the needs of advanced users, Coolmaster Mastergel PRO has an excellent heat distribution. In this way, it keeps your computer cool even for long periods of use. Thanks to the polymer oxide compound, it creates maximum conductivity between the processor and the cooler base to quickly transfer heat. You can easily apply and remove Coolmaster Mastergel PRO without worrying about damaging the base. It makes an effective cooling because it has a strong formula. With its 8 W / MK heat transfer, it perfectly meets the needs of different areas that need heat such as processors or graphics cards.

Arctic Silver 5

Arctic Silver 5, which has high-density silver and heat conductive ceramic parts, works with high performance. Contains particles such as zinc, oxide, aluminum oxide, and boron nitrate for long-term use. It does not flow, drip, smudge, dry, crumble, and does not spoil, so it provides a quality use. Arctic Silver 5, which performs a long-term cooler function with very little use, is also not electrically conductive. In this way, problems that may occur due to electricity are prevented. It has 8,7 W / k thermal conductivity and a wide temperature range. It can work durably between -50 and 180 degrees and does not dry even when exposed to high temperatures for a long time. It weighs 3.5 grams and can be used 2-5 times. In this way, you do not need to renew the graphics card or processor against overheating.

Arctic MX – 4

Its high thermal conductivity of 8.5 W / k makes it a great choice especially for overclocking enthusiasts. Gaming enthusiasts spending a long time at the computer may cause the video card or processor to overheat. Arctic MX – 4 is one of the most effective solutions for this problem. It has different application techniques to avoid air gaps between processors and coolers, and these techniques can be applied quite easily. Since it does not contain metal and does not conduct electricity, it provides safe use.

Best Thermal General Summary

Best Thermal To summarize, we see that it has very good features in terms of design, price and performance. Best Thermal, which has given a successful performance compared to its competitors in this segment, has not received any serious complaints from its users until now and has given its users confidence with maximum positive feedback. With the Best Thermal 2-year warranty, it continues to support any problem after the sale and does not suffer the user.

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Thermal paste, which is a very easy application technique, is enough to drop a few drops on the area you want to cool. No extra technical knowledge is required.

Against overheating, it is more efficient to change the graphics card or processor and use thermal paste instead of constantly bothering and expense. It is ideal for getting solutions in a shorter time.

The large number of thermal pastes address the different needs of users with their different features. The most important feature that the best thermal pastes should have is heat conduction power and lack of electrical conductivity.

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