Corsair 280X RGB Case Review – A Real Warrior!

The Corsair 280X was able to attract many users with its design, cooling and RBG features. Here is the Corsair 280X Review. How about taking a closer look at the Corsair 280X?

Corsair Crystal series means cases with tempered glass, suitable for sparkling illumination and setting up thematic systems. It’s hard to find a design you like in Micro ATX cases, as varied as Mid Tower cases. Our test table is a case with Corsair 280X tempered glass, which looks bigger than its size, and you can reflect it out when you illuminate it.

The case comes out of the box in a well-protected way, there is an accessory box inside, everything necessary is plenty. Nothing extra, I wish such tempered glass cases had a nice, heavily textured cleaning cloth.


The Corsair Crystal series has two different options, Corsair 280X standard and RGB, and comes in two colour options, black and white. The first difference of the RGB one we have is that Corsair comes with LL series RGB fans, the second is that the windows are light film, the third is the small cosmetic details, they are not things that change the overall design, there is one more difference, we will come to it.

Half of the case in the Micro ATX form factor is made of tempered glass, half of the hard plastic material, and the chassis is made of steel. Plastic is a reassuring plastic, no stretch, the case doesn’t squeak anything. It’s like a small tank, why because the Mid Tower case is shorter than a frame and the Mid Tower case is 22-23CM wide, this case is 27.6CM wide, so it looks bigger than it is, it takes up more space on the table.

There are about 0.4mm of tempered glass on top, front and left. The front has an opening of around 1.3CM, the top one is half an inch, zero with the body on the left. Removing the front one is troublesome, but removing the top and left one is not a big deal, you can manually remove the metal screws. They are buffered with silicones, not things that will scratch the glass.

At the top right there are 2 USB 3.0, microphone and headphone jack, then power and reset button respectively, there is no extra controller.

There is a grill on the right, there is also a magnetic dust filter, if there are any grills and fan slots in the case, all of them have magnetic filters, they did not avoid expense in this regard.

Case heels hold the case 1.3CM above the surface, for example, it is not as high as the 570X where my system is installed, it is not high enough to put your hand under it and clean it, the bottom is again with dust filters.
What a tiny tank! View in Full Size

It can take Mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards in the case but look, a lot of things are missing on this site. Why, because it’s all in the second room. Dual Chamber, Power Supply, 3.5 inches, 2.5-inch storage slots in a design that we can call double chamber are here.


There’s a huge area here where you can throw too much of the cables that would normally block the airflow on the other side, Corsair calls this unobstructed airflow Direct Airflow Path Cooling. There are the necessary silicon transition points, they are in place, they did not cause any trouble, and let me say this, even if you do not manage any cable in this case, throw it away, it is such a large area, you are very comfortable while setting it up.
What a tiny tank! View in Full Size

Let’s continue with his visible face. You can install 2 12CM or 14CM fans in the front, up and down, and one can be attached to the filtered part on the right. In terms of radiators, you can install 240 or 280 radiators in the front, above and below. These LL series fans are of course not that high, but you can use them instead of fans that can go up to 1500 rpm, static pressure fans, fans on your radiator.


The lighting is iCUE supported and the thing that distinguishes this case from the standard version is that you can use different Corsair lighting products such as RGB Fan Hub, extra 4 fans and Node Pro LED strip. While the cash is open to being thematic like this, I will use this potential if I am, and if I am not, I will buy the standard one.

Corsair 280X. I guess the only thing I don’t like about the cash register is the potency of the pre-filter, it seems to be wider than it should be, it seems to be sagging, it needs to be corrected once in a while, it may be something specific to the product I have. It’s not a tall case, it’s not a tall case, but a wide case is not for my desk, for example. It is a great chance that I was able to fit the shelf unit I bought at IKEA by removing its feet, even if it was a millimetre, and I liked it very much. As of the date, this video was shot

Corsair 280X General Summary

Corsair 280X To summarize, we see that it has very good features in terms of design, price and performance. Corsair 280X, which has given a successful performance compared to its competitors in this segment, has not received any serious complaints from its users until now and has given its users confidence with maximum positive feedback. With the Corsair 280X 2-year warranty, it continues to support any problem after the sale and does not suffer the user.

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Installation of the Product is Extremely Simple. You can set it up easily with the included Guide.

Has no known chronic problems.

Yes, they say they are generally satisfied.

The minimum warranty period is 2 years.

You can buy it from sites like amazon, ebay.

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