Corsair Hydro X Review – High Quality Liquid Cooling – 2020

Corsair Hydro X gives great results to users in terms of liquid cooling. Here is the Corsair Hydro X Review. The Corsair Hydro X has managed to become one of Corsair’s favourite cooling systems with its price and performance.

Complete custom water cooling from a single source

Corsair Hydro X  has been an established brand for compact CPU water cooling for years. The manufacturer relies on Asetek as a contract manufacturer, combined with its own infrastructure of lighting and control via USB connection. But compact water cooling systems are not enough for Corsair: With Hydro X (where the “X” makes the difference to hydro compact water cooling systems) there are now components for custom water cooling systems from Corsair.

The project has been in the planning phase for some time and prototypes were already on display at Computex in 2017. Hydro X was finally officially presented at this year’s Computex and the parts have now reached retailers. Corsair Hydro X doesn’t just want to sell coolers, but, as with compact water cooling systems, relies on several contract manufacturers to be able to offer all the components required for water cooling.

Selection in the configurator

Not only can the components be purchased individually, but shopping baskets can be created using an online configurator that contains all the individual parts as recommended by Corsair. If you own housing from the manufacturer, you no longer have to worry about the possible radiator sizes, for example. Alternatively, after selecting a generic housing (micro, midi, full tower), there are rough assessments. By specifying the CPU and graphics card model, the compatible coolers are displayed (if available). Accessories such as connections and coolant are automatically added to the shopping cart by the configurator.

In the end, depending on the choice of housing, you can choose between different radiator surfaces: Those who value a quiet PC should generally tend to have the greatest possible equipment. The configurator allows for adventurous combinations such as a Core i9-9900K with a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti with only one 240 mm radiator, but this is not advisable. The sensible minimum for cooling a CPU and a graphics card should be at least two 240 mm radiators. The higher the power consumption of the components, the larger the radiator surface should be. ComputerBase has more information about cooling with air and water as well as detailed documentation about the steps to set up a custom water cooling system.

The current selection of Hydro-X components

The following table contains an overview of the various components of Hydro X and their prices. In addition to cooling, Corsair Hydro X focuses on optics, which is why the cooler and pump are equipped with RGB LEDs and can be linked to the in-house control infrastructure. This is probably one of the reasons why the components are at the upper end of the price range, such as the LED fans for around 30 euros each and the pump-reservoir combination for over 160 euros. But even with unlit parts such as hose connections for 7 euros each, Corsair Hydro X plays in the upper price league.

The components in detail

The configuration made available by Corsair Hydro X for testing is correspondingly expensive: Two radiators are used to cool the CPU and GPU. If all components including fans and their control from Corsair Hydro X are chosen, the selection ends up at a proud price of almost 1,000 euros – you can buy a complete gaming PC (with air cooling) without any problems. Custom water cooling can also be purchased much cheaper – but then there is no configurator to help with the selection, and at least compromises have to be made with the lighting. In the test, Hydro X has to show whether the cooling can meet the high purchase price.

Water cooler

Corsair Hydro X offers a silver (XC9) and a black (XC7) version as a CPU water cooler. The only difference between the two variants is the colour of the top. From below there is a round CPU support surface reminiscent of compact water cooling systems from Asetek. The mounting system also looks like the Corsair Hydro X AIO cooling system: A holding frame is hooked in and locked by turning. The processing of the CPU cooler is flawless, the nickel-plated copper plate reflects flawlessly. RGB LEDs are firmly integrated with the cooler, and their light comes into its own through the transparent cover.

The GPU water cooler is a full cover cooler that covers the memory and the voltage converter in addition to the GPU (a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti in the test). As with the CPU cooler, there is a transparent cover to make the light of the built-in LEDs visible.

Fan and radiator

Corsair Hydro X provides ML 120 Pro fans for the test. They have RGB lighting that is controlled by the manufacturer’s proprietary system. A Corsair Commander Pro or a Lightning Node Pro is required for this. An RGB fan hub is also required to connect up to six fans to the devices. Corsair specifies the fans for a speed range of 400 to 1,600 rpm. With the Corsair Commander Pro, the speed can be reduced a little further – the fan control allows (regardless of the fans used) a minimum of 300 rpm, which is also achieved by the ML 120 Pro.

Despite the low minimum speed, the fans make quiet running noises. For a fan that is available in the price comparison from around 25 euros, this is a clear point of criticism: High-quality radiator fans (test) without background noise when idling are available for significantly less money. The fan control test provides details on the Corsair Hydro X Commander Pro.

Corsair Hydro X provides two sizes of the XR5 radiators for the test: 240 mm and 360 mm. The XR5 series consists of slim radiators and can alternatively be purchased for 140 mm fans. In general, a larger area is preferable to thicker radiators (test) such as the XR7 series, so that if the budget is limited, it is better to use more area than more depth. The fins of the radiators look neat and under the screw mounts, there are protective plates that prevent damage to the fluid channels from screws that are screwed in too deep.

The matt black coating turns out to be somewhat inhomogeneous in closer lighting, but that is not noticeable when installed. The copper radiators each have exactly two connections, as is usual for slim radiators. A set of short screws for the radiator itself as well as two sets of long and extra-long screws are available for screwing so that only the fan or fan and the perforated housing plate can be screwed to the radiator.

Pump and connections

Corsair Hydro X uses a D5 pump for Hydro X. Pump mechanics are well-known in the water cooling sector. Originally produced by the Laing company, the pump is now sold under the Lowara brand, which is a subsidiary of Xylem. The latter company name is on the pump. Corsair Hydro X uses a PWM-capable version of the pump, which can be easily controlled by the Corsair Hydro X Commander and achieves a very low minimum speed: The “classic” D5 (test) works with a minimum of 1,800 rpm. The version from Corsair clearly undercuts that with 800 rpm.

A D5 pump mechanism can be purchased from retailers without a cover. So that buyers of Hydro X do not have to buy a separate pump cover, the XD5 is only available as a unit with cover and reservoir. The latter is made of transparent nylon and of course, contains RGB LEDs. Various connection options on the pump base and via the cover of the reservoir (including a riser pipe to move the inlet below the liquid level in the expansion tank) are offered. The accessories are also impressive: the pump can optionally be screwed to the housing with vertical or horizontal fan slots (120 mm or 140 mm) or directly. Corsair Hydro X has also given the XD5 a power supply bypass plug for filling the circuit and a temperature sensor that can be screwed into a port on the pump.

For the test, the water circuit is operated with hoses. Alternatively, Corsair Hydro X also offers tubes made of acrylic glass. In the case of mods, rigid pipes are often used for optical reasons. However, these not only have to be trimmed to the correct length but also individually bent, while hoses can simply be cut to size and used directly. Corsair Hydro X relies on the 13/10 size (outer and inner diameter in millimetres), which is widely used in water cooling. There are no angled screw-on nozzles, but there are adapters with 45 ° or 90 °. The tubing of Hydro X is an expensive pleasure – in the ComputerBase configuration, including tubing and coolant, just under 230 euros are due.


Corsair Hydro General Summary

Corsair Hydro To summarize, we see that it has very good features in terms of design, price and performance. Corsair Hydro, which has given a successful performance compared to its competitors in this segment, has not received any serious complaints from its users until now and has given its users confidence with maximum positive feedback. With the Corsair Hydro 2-year warranty, it continues to support any problem after the sale and does not suffer the user.

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