Corsair Katar Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The Corsair Qatar Pro Wireless is a wireless gaming mouse. The Corsair Qatar Pro Wireless, which has a different design, has great performance. Corsair Qatar Pro Wireless Review

The cable on the mouse can quickly become annoying, especially when gaming. A solution would be a wireless mouse, but the transfer rate and the connection to the PC or laptop can be a problem. Corsair is addressing the problem with the Qatar Pro Wireless. In addition to the connection via Bluetooth, a USB dongle is also supplied, which uses SlipStream technology. This should offer a latency of less than 1ms. An AA battery is used as a power supply in the mouse. The price is also in the lower segment at around EUR 50.

One AA battery is already included in the scope of delivery. According to Corsair, the mouse can be actively used for up to 130 hours. The battery compartment has been well designed. If you still know it from the Logitech mice, you had to laboriously open a flap on the bottom, similar to that of a TV remote control. Not only did a lot of dust collect, which reduced the gliding properties, but the flap was also difficult to open and easily broken.

With the Corsair Qatar Pro Wireless, the battery compartment is under the palm rest. In the direction of the mouse wheel, there is a small knob that indicates the pressure point to slide the flap off the mouse. It is also gratifying that the USB dongle can be stowed in the mouse. So it cannot be lost. The weight is 96g, which is very light for a battery-operated mouse. One AA battery weighs around 24g.

Detailed considerations

The Corsair Qatar Pro Wireless has two separate primary buttons, which is due to the large battery compartment. The ASUS ROG Strix Carry shows that there is another way, with the primary buttons and cover made of one piece. The mouse wheel between the two buttons is provided with a triangular pattern to match the side surfaces. Somewhat behind, separated by an area with clear lacquer, is the DPI button, which can of course also be used for other purposes through the use of Corsair’s iCUE software.

A status LED is located between this button and the battery cover, which, among other things, shows the selected DPI rate and the status of the battery. On the left-click primary button you can also see lettering that adorns the new Corsair products (e.g. the K100 or K60 RGB Pro). In a line, there are two side buttons a little further towards the back of the mouse, which can be operated with the thumb. There are no noteworthy switches built into the primary and side buttons.

The bulge in the back of the mouse stretches to the left and right in width, so that the bulge does not appear spherical, but rather looks a bit flattened. But precisely because of this it nestles very well on the palm and provides a very good hold. However, this cannot be said of the side surfaces, as these are not rubberized. A look at the underside reveals two generous sliding pads made of PTFE, a very durable material. However, there are no notches for exchanging the pads. The small, oval curl around the sensor is also somewhat unusual. This is also provided with a sliding pad. One can only hope that it won’t clog up too quickly with dust and fibres. The switch can be used to switch between OFF, Bluetooth and SlipStream. All other settings can be made in the iCUE software.

For a size comparison, we used the ASUS ROG Strix Carry, which is primarily a mobile companion. In the first photo, you can once again see how the “hump” of the Corsair Qatar Pro Wireless looks far forward or to the side. The mouse from ASUS is slightly shorter in length.

As already criticized with the Strix Carry at the time, this is not suitable for the Palm-Grip, as it is simply too short. The Corsair Qatar Pro Wireless is a good 15mm longer and is therefore exactly suitable for my right hand.


At Corsair, everyone agrees: All products should use the same software. From the point of view of an application developer like me, that actually makes sense. Because you only have to deal with porting to another platform once – Corsair has done that. Corsair issue is also available for macOS and offers the same range of functions as the Windows version. It also offers enormous advantages for the end-user, which should be self-explanatory. The Corsair Qatar Pro Wireless is a very simple mouse, but that doesn’t mean that the range of functions is small – no, on the contrary, there are some cool features hidden here.

Sensor accuracy

Especially with wireless mice that are intended for gaming, you should inform yourself beforehand or test yourself whether the transmission rate and range are sufficient. Not every computer has a Bluetooth interface, so a USB dongle has to be used. Corsair supplies this directly with the Qatar Pro Wireless so that both options can be used. I tried the mouse on a MacBook Pro, among others; The iCUE screenshots were also taken on the Mac. Personally, I liked the connection via Bluetooth better, as Apple’s MacBooks don’t have a USB Type-A socket at all, but rely entirely on USB Type-C. Sure, you can work with an adapter, and of course, I’ve tried that too. However, the following measurements were carried out on a Windows computer. The distance from mouse to USB dongle is about one meter as the crow flies, it had to be sent through a table.

The diagram above shows that no cursor acceleration or similar is active. For the test, the mouse was moved from one fixed point to another and back. The diagram below shows how often the sensor has been scanned. The setting is 1000 samples per second (1000Hz). One point represents a scanning process. The middle field is definitely at the set 1000 Hetz, only a few points are above or below. A small drop at approx. 650 ms can be seen but has to do with the short break that I took when I reached the second fixed point halfway through.

In addition to using it in the office, where I always enjoy the variety of macros, I also played a few rounds of FPS shooters such as CS: GO. Here, too, the mouse could keep up very well compared to a cabled mouse. However, the low grip on the sides takes a bit of getting used to, as no rubber pads are used here. I can easily reach the thumb buttons on the side, so they are optimally placed. The pressure point of the primary keys is suitable for both the claw and palm grip, with the former being my favourite. During the test period of over 14 days, I did not have to change the supplied battery – another very positive aspect.


Corsair now has a whole range of wireless mice and keyboards, which the Qatar Pro Wireless has now expanded to include a gaming mouse. The rodent is already available for a respectable 50 EUR. The sensor is based on the common PixArt sensor, more precisely the PMW3325 was installed. This is not necessarily the star among the optical sensors but is sufficient for the 1000Hz polling rate and 10,000 DPI. In addition to a Bluetooth 4.2 interface, the mouse was also given the option of establishing a connection via a USB dongle. Corsair’s SlipStream technology is used, which also delivered an excellent result in our test.

To the concern of those who expected a built-in battery – no, it is put on a single AA battery. As a result, the mouse at 96g not only remains very light, but you also tried your brains for the battery compartment. With a slight jerk in the direction of the palm, the entire support can be removed, the battery inserted and, if necessary, the USB dongle (type A) removed. The mouse can be programmed as usual with Corsair’s iCUE and successfully under macOS. However, it is a bit of a shame that only one profile can be saved on the mouse. At least it can save four different DPI levels, which can be switched through using the button behind the mouse wheel. Each of the six buttons can be equipped with any function – so you definitely haven’t saved anything here.

The energy-saving mode can be activated for use in the office or on the go where there is no gaming. This limits the sampling rate to 250Hz and the mouse or much more the wireless connection is switched off after a short period of inactivity to save energy. In the 14-day test, the included battery did not have to be replaced. Sometimes the performance and sometimes the energy-saving mode was used. Both under Windows and macOS, all functions are identically available in Corsair’s iCUE software – the only thing missing is the right gear for your own Mac. Back to the test candidate: For around 50 EUR you can buy a good mouse that is more suitable for Palm than for Claw-Grip and that also proves its capabilities on the laptop and the go. The only negative thing I noticed is the lack of grip on the side surfaces and the small sliding pad around the sensor. Whether a battery has to be permanently installed or not – everyone should decide for themselves, as the area of ​​application and duration also play an important role. Since the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages and the price is very good for what is on offer, I would very much like to award the silver award.

Corsair Katar General Summary

Corsair Katar To summarize, we see that it has very good features in terms of design, price and performance. Corsair Katar, which has given a successful performance compared to its competitors in this segment, has not received any serious complaints from its users until now and has given its users confidence with maximum positive feedback. With the Corsair Katar 2-year warranty, it continues to support any problem after the sale and does not suffer the user.

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Installation of the Product is Extremely Simple. You can set it up easily with the included Guide.

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The minimum warranty period is 2 years.

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