Corsair NightSword RGB Gaming Mouse Review – Adjust The Weight By Yourself!

Corsair NightSword comes up with a completely different concept. Here is the Corsair NightSword Review. With Corsair NightSword, the users determine the mouse settings themselves.

Today, we are doing a Corsair NightSword RGB gaming mouse review at the teacher’s desk, where we examined different products.

Corsair, one of the strongest players in the market in terms of PC equipment, has added a new one to its mouse family. We take a closer look at the mouse, which is the guest of our table with its remarkable design and powerful features.

Customizable Weight

The Corsair NightSword RGB mouse comes with weight balls, usage, and warranty certificates in addition to itself. The contents of the quite usual box are enough for a mouse.

The mouse, which has a black design, comes with a contour embroidered rubber material that increases the grip. This rubber material, which we see on the edges and the wheel, has been a detail that positively increases the feeling of use. The mouse also includes a finger rest on its left edge.

The mouse is designed with a big and chubby structure. At this point, Corsair NightSword RGB, which has a design that can be more easily grasped by large-handed users, offers extra customization in the center of gravity. The new weight, which can be obtained by placing six different weight balls in the box under the mouse, can vary between 119 and 149 grams according to the user’s request. The mouse’s own weight is 119 grams.

Regarding the design, Corsair NightSword RGB, as the name suggests, comes out as a model with RGB lighting. The mouse, which makes its surroundings sparkling with four different lighting zones that do the RGB’s justice, no matter what grip, gains our appreciation at this point.

On the other hand, another point that concerns the design is the type of cable the mouse has. Corsair, which makes a good choice at this point, uses a 1.8-meter long braided cable in its mouse. The port of this cabling, which increases durability, is in the form of a USB.

18,000 DPI, Sniper Button, and iCUE

CCorsair NightSword RGB comes with eight different programmable keys on the technical side. Note that the striking one of the keys is the Sniper button located on the right. As you know, on mice that have a sniper button, this button helps to keep the binocular movement at the lowest level by reducing the DPI level by half when clicked. Therefore, the target you will hit cannot escape due to the mouse shake.

If we take a closer look at the hardware of the mouse, we see a PMW3391 model optical sensor. While the sensor is one of the most powerful sensors produced by Corsair, it shows its power with 18,000 DPI. At the same time, the sensor, which can perform 1000Hz scanning, offers superior tracking on almost all floors.

The mouse, which has Omron switches on the key side, offers a life of 50 million clicks thanks to its switches and strongly reinforces its longevity. The mouse, which also has an internal memory, thanks to this memory, 3 different lightings; It can keep the key program and the DPI setting in its memory.

We mentioned that the buttons of the mouse are programmable. The programming feature at this point can be performed via Corsair’s advanced control software issue. It is also possible to perform RGB customization, DPI adjustment, and other calibration changes using the software.

We Comment

The Corsair NightSword RGB mouse is a product of Corsair, among its quality and products. At this point, the mouse, which shows itself with both the design details and the technical details included, will be one of the first choices for FPS and MOBA game lovers.

Corsair NightSword General Summary

Corsair NightSword To summarize, we see that it has very good features in terms of design, price and performance. Corsair NightSword, which has given a successful performance compared to its competitors in this segment, has not received any serious complaints from its users until now and has given its users confidence with maximum positive feedback. With the Corsair NightSword 2-year warranty, it continues to support any problem after the sale and does not suffer the user.

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Installation of the Product is Extremely Simple. You can set it up easily with the included Guide.

Has no known chronic problems.

Yes, they say they are generally satisfied.

The minimum warranty period is 2 years.

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