How to Restore Deleted Files on SD Memory Card?

It is possible to retrieve the deleted files, even if not always, by performing a recovery process for the SD card (or other memory cards) whose files were deleted by mistake or due to a different problem. We explained in detail how to make SD card recovery to recover deleted files step by step.

The use of SD cards for external storage in many devices continues to be widespread. However, as with any external storage device, files may be deleted due to external factors, or the user may accidentally delete these files in SD cards. It is possible to recover deleted files for SD card recovery, but there is no guarantee that this process will always work or all files can be recovered.

So, how to make SD card recovery to recover deleted files? There are some programs you can use for SD card recovery. While a paid subscription is offered for extensive file recovery operations, you can use Disk Drill SD card recovery software for smaller files. Although the final result is not guaranteed, it is still possible to recover as many files as possible by trying it out.

SD card recovery operations:

  • Step # 1: Here  Download Disk Drill SD card recovery software on your computer,
  • Step # 2: Choose the SD card recovery method that suits you best,
  • Step # 3: Start the lost data scanning process,
  • Step # 4: Select the files you want to recover,
  • Step # 5: Save the recovered files in a different folder,

Step # 1: Download Disk Drill SD card recovery software to your computer:

Disk Drill SD card recovery software is a program for recovering deleted files on external storage devices. With Disk Drill, which you can download for free, you can recover up to 500 MB data for free. You can check paid packages to recover data of 500 MB and higher.

Step # 2: Choose the SD card recovery method that suits you best:

After downloading Disk Drill software to your computer and completing the installation, connect the SD card to your computer and select it through the program. Then choose the SD card recovery method that suits you best. Generally, the All Recovery Methods method is recommended.

Step # 3: Start the lost data scanning process:

After choosing the SD card recovery method that suits you best, start the recovery process with the Search for Last Data button. The recovery process’s length may vary depending on the size of the SD card data you want to recover. Do not close the program or your computer, and do not disconnect the SD card until the process is complete.

Step # 4: Select the files you want to recover:

When the SD card recovery is complete, you will see all the folders and files recovered from your SD card. Note that not all files can be recovered. Select all the files you want by manually or automatically searching through the recovered files.

Step # 5: Save the recovered files in a different folder:

After selecting all the files, you want to recover, click the Recover button and specify the destination folder where these files will be saved. It is recommended that you choose a different folder on your computer as the target folder, considering that there may be problems with the SD card you recovered from.

Things to consider for SD card recovery:

Disk Drill SD card recovery software is one of the most successful software to recover SD cards. You have accidentally deleted the files inside or deleted automatically due to a different problem. However, you may still have files that even this software cannot recover.

The most common problem that can cause deletion of files inside the SD card is a virus or malware that the device has caughtFor this reason, be careful about the files you encounter after SD card recovery. Recovered files may include virus or malware files. It would help if you only were meticulous about recovering files, you know.

To avoid such a problem in the future, you can choose the backup path on more than one device. You should back up your data on external storage devices and different cloud storage servers. If your information size is large, you may have to use paid subscriptions, but it is a price to pay to prevent possible data loss.

There are many different SD recovery software such as Disk Drill on the market. So you don’t have to rely on just one software. However, before you trust a software, be sure to research different sources and download the installation file from the software’s official website.

Why are the files inside the SD card deleted?

  • All files in an accidentally formatted SD card will be deleted.
  • The user can accidentally delete files on the SD card.
  • Files may be deleted due to a virus or malware infecting the SD card.
  • The SD card you are using may be problematic, i.e., corrupt, due to manufacturing errors.
  • Like other external storage devices, the SD card may have been damaged by external factors.
  • Since the system files on your card have been modified, the files may not be viewed even if they are not deleted.

This is the most common answer to how to delete files in the SD card by itself. Of course, different problems can also arise, resulting in data loss within the SD card, although not always encounteredDon’t forget to back up over multiple external storage devices and cloud storage servers just in case.

To recover files deleted accidentally or due to a problem, we explained the SD card recovery step by step and explained the points you need to pay attention to. Make sure you do enough research before relying on the software you downloaded from unreliable SD recovery sources.

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