IBM Promises to Accelerate Quantum Computers 100 Times with Open Source Software

Explaining the new roadmap for quantum computers, IBM stated that creating an open-source, software-based solution can increase quantum computers’ speed by 100 times.

IBM, one of the largest information technology companies globally, announced on Wednesday (yesterday) the road map for quantum computing software that promises to increase quantum computers’ computing power 100 times.

According to the statements made, IBM aims to launch quantum computing applications that can handle difficult operations such as artificial intelligence and complex financial calculations in the next two years.

IBM stated that the vast majority of quantum computing software would be open source so that third-party developers can also contribute and take advantage of this software. According to IBM, the possible improvement will allow the speed to increase 100 times.

Part of IBM’s work on quantum computers is to hide quantum computing complexity as much as possible for ordinary people. For now, quantum computers are devices that ordinary people cannot use.

If IBM reaches its target speeds, operations that take months on standard computers can be performed in a few hours on quantum computers. Therefore, quantum computers can reach the limits of being able to perform tasks that standard computers are impossible to perform. 

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