Logitech G302 Moba Mouse Review – Is It Enough For Dota 2 And Lol?

Logitech G302 is a special guess mouse for MOBA gamers. Here is the Logitech G302 Review. Logitech G302 has attracted the attention of Dota2 and Lol lovers.


→ Lightweight. Hand and wrist, not fatigue weight.
→ It is neither too small nor too big in size. Fits palm type.
→ The click feedback is pretty good. It is not noisy. Thanks to the special spring-loaded click mechanism, the keys can be clicked with the same pressure. 20 million clicks resistant.
→ Even though its design is symmetrical, it fits well in the right hand. The protrusions and key positions are well adjusted.
→ Ground friction has been reduced as much as possible. It slips like oil by taking advantage of its lightness.
→ The lighting is very stylish. It looks modern and can be customized.
→ Optics is pretty good. Sensitive. No red laser light. (No light)
→ 6 keys can be programmed freely with Logitech Gaming Software.


→ It is wired and the cable is not braided.
→ The price could have been lower.
→ Led lights warm the mouse slightly. Not to bother.
→ There is no scroll pad on the left and right sides of the mouse floor. For those who make rapid movements with the mouse, it can give a feeling of instability. (Put in G303)

User experience

I am usually someone who plays games in genres other than FPS. I am quite satisfied with the game. Especially when playing Age of Empires 3, I noticed that I gave commands faster than the M100. Thanks to its lightweight, it can be used after prolonged games or long-term daily
does not tire after use. It offers a very comfortable gaming experience at 3200dpi resolution in RTS games. Thanks to the special metal spring click system, the click notification is nice and you can be sure how many times you click in serial clicks. At the same time, it offers the player the opportunity to click quickly, as the keys are not hard and can be clicked with equal pressure.
There are 2 keys under the left thumb. Perfect for putting a macro. I didn’t feel the need to put macros on other keys. In some games, it can recognize itself automatically and assign macros.
There is very little friction on the mouse floor. After the M100, it felt like a gravity-free medium.


————————————————– ————————————————– ————

Technicial Specifications

Resolution: 240 – 4000 dpi
Max. acceleration:> 20G *
Max. speed:> 120 ips (3 m / s) *

* Tested on Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad

USB data format: 16 bits / axis
USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1ms)
Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM

Dynamic coefficient of friction *: .11 μ (k)
Static coefficient of friction *: .17 μ (s)

* Tested on wood veneer table.

Buttons (Left / Right): 20 million clicks
Feet: 250 kilometres

Physical properties
Height: 115 mm
Width: 65 mm
Depth: 37 mm
Weight: 127 grams (mouse and cable)
Weight: 87 grams (mouse only)

Logitech G302 General Summary

Logitech G302 To summarize, we see that it has very good features in terms of design, price and performance. Logitech G302, which has given a successful performance compared to its competitors in this segment, has not received any serious complaints from its users until now and has given its users confidence with maximum positive feedback. With the Logitech G302 2-year warranty, it continues to support any problem after the sale and does not suffer the user.

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Installation of the Product is Extremely Simple. You can set it up easily with the included Guide.

Has no known chronic problems.

Yes, they say they are generally satisfied.

The minimum warranty period is 2 years.

You can buy it from sites like amazon, ebay.

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