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Our today’s review is from Loupedeck +. Loupedeck + What is the price, Loupedeck + review is here!

Anyone who handles a lot with photo or video editing programs quickly reaches their productivity limits with just mouse and keyboard operation. The Loupedeck + is aimed precisely at this field of application because the photo and video processing console is intended to simplify the workflow significantly. The following lines clarify whether this is successful.

The Loupedeck + promises to be the more efficient and intuitive image and video editing. The Loupedeck + is delivered in a stylish box, and the scope of delivery includes the actual product, only a user manual or brief instruction. The software, which I will talk about later, has to be downloaded from the homepage, which requires internet access. The Korpus Delikti is currently at around 240 euros, so really not a snap.

The Loupedeck + console’s housing is made of a matt black plastic housing; the top differs slightly in feel compared to the rest of the housing and leaves a robust impression even if I would have preferred material like aluminum in this price range.

The individual functions’ operation is realized via buttons and various rotary controls, which left me with mixed feelings. The keys themselves have a rather spongy pressure point; the individual knobs are okay and have a slight notch. On the other hand, the large jog dial was impressed with a pleasant feel, fine grid, and a good pressure point.

All rotary controls are also equipped with a pressure function, which is audible and leaves haptic feedback. The lettering is basically in English, a “German” layout is not available, but in my opinion, this is not a major point of criticism in this area. Only beginners should know that the labeling does not match the function names in the respective program.

The Loupedeck + is connected via a permanently installed USB cable with a length of more than one meter. On the underside, there is a cable guide to the side or upwards. The construct rests on a total of six rubber feet, which ensure a secure stand. An annoying wobbling could not be heard during the test phase. There is not really more to say about the Loupedeck +, so I come to the most important part, the practical test.

Practical test

As already mentioned on the previous page, to operate the Loupedeck +, the software must first be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website because, without it, nothing works. That’s why it’s a shame that the manufacturer does not use a CD or USB stick with the software. But since you have to create an account to use it, I personally cannot understand that internet access is mandatory anyway. The Loupedeck software is installed quickly and currently supports the following programs:

  • Lightroom Classic 7.4 and up
  • Lightroom 6
  • Photoshop CC 20.0 and up with Camera Raw
  • Premiere Pro 2018 or 2019
  • Final Cut Pro X 10.4.5 and up
  • Capture One Pro 11 and up – Beta
  • Audition 2019
  • After Effects 2019
  • Skylum Aurora HDR 2018 (1.2)

I used the Loupedeck + mostly in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom; as an editor, you always have many pictures to edit, so I’ve been able to get a good impression in the last few weeks. In everyday life, the console turns out to be a good support in the daily workflow. This is largely due to the good and clear software. All buttons can be assigned completely individually and adapted to your personal preferences. In addition to functions in the respective program, keyboard and mouse commands can also be stored, or programs can be called.

The possibilities are very diverse and enable an intuitive workflow in the individual programs. In the Adobe programs I used, this also worked very well. In the “Camera Raw” window, it is child’s play and very precise to use the rotary controls, for example, to regulate the individual colors or to set the saturation or shadows. With a simple pressure on the controller, the setting returns to the zero points, i.e., back to the basic settings, and you can try again to find the right processing.

If you then continue to edit the image in Photoshop, the large rotary control can, for example, control the size of the brush. With the mouse and the touch-up tool, the last bits of dust or unsightly scratches on the photo will quickly disappear. Handling is practical and easier; after a certain period of getting used to it and optimized assignment of the individual functions, handling such “creative programs” is enormous.  

Unfortunately, the feel of the Loupedeck + doesn’t completely convince me. The materials used and the individual controls are, in my opinion, not by this price range. So everyone has some game, the height of the console could also be a little lower, at least in the front area. The fact that the upper edges of the case are not rounded but rather slightly sharp does not necessarily lead to a feeling of “comfort.” No question, the Loupedeck + is not a gaming keyboard and does not have to cope with a hectic rush or millions of keystrokes, but a better pressure point on the keys, a stronger grip on the knobs, and maybe a light rubber coating would have certainly been good for the console. Here the manufacturer still has room for improvement for a new generation. This does not affect the operation; it is convincing, and together with the well-thought-out software, the Loupedeck + is a powerful tool. 


Finding a fair conclusion for the Loupedeck + was not easy for me due to slightly mixed feelings. On the plus side, there is first-class software that offers the creative mind a lot of leeway in developing its self-constructed workflow, supports most of the currently most important programs, and simplifies the use of these programs or makes them more productive. A large number of controls, buttons, and additional pressure functions underline the area of ​​application as a photo and video processing console.

The quality, the appearance of the material, and the console’s feel were not entirely convincing. It may be sufficient for the purpose, but spongy keystrokes, easy play in the individual knobs, and plastic as far as the eye can see does not do justice to the price structure. The Loupedeck + costs 239 euros, and the quality and choice of materials should have been better. Real alternatives are in short supply, which is reflected in the price of the Loupedeck + due to the small number of items on sale. Nonetheless, the console offers a high added value in its core competence: support with photo editing or video editing. Anyone who can come to terms with the haptics can access this without hesitation. For me, even if it is tight, another recommendation in this segment.


Installation of the Product is Extremely Simple. You can set it up easily with the included Guide.

Has no known chronic problems.

Yes, they say they are generally satisfied.

The minimum warranty period is 2 years.

You can buy it from sites like amazon, ebay.

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