NZXT Cam Software Review – Watch Your Computer From Anywhere!

I’ve always liked the little software that makes its job simple and robust. In this article, I will introduce a newly discovered PC monitoring software. CAM application, which is used by NZXT company, which is mostly known for its computer case and overclock products, provides summary information about your computer and also monitors the instant status of this hardware.

You can quickly reach the usage of the processor cores, the clock speeds of your graphics card, your RAM usage, the main temperatures, the rotation speeds of the fans, and more. The interface is really simple and pleasant, the CAM is just content with these, but also for the FPS you get at another point in the game you get the game, at the same time you are writing the game. It even records the information of how many FPS you play the games you play, how much time you spend in the game.

Another feature that differs from other hardware monitoring software is its mobile application. You can access free tracking values ​​on your smartphone and tablet via the mobile application. You can see the status of the computer in your home as it is transferred over the internet. It even has the opportunity to monitor multiple computers. Of course, a user account is required for this. Without mentioning that the mobile device supports Android and iOS.

It is possible to access the history of daily and perhaps weekly values ​​filled with software. Because you can see its high and low temperature. Alarms and features are also not available for certain differences.

CAM is a software suitable for development, currently, its feature that allows the graphics card to be overclocked is BETA. You can also control NZXT branded RGB fans, LEDs, and cooling systems through this software. I hope they will add features such as controlling all case fans and processor overclocking in the future.

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