Striking Features and Price of the Electric Truck ‘Semi that Tesla Will Start Producing This Year

Tesla plans to make a solid entry into the business and transportation market with the Tesla Semi-truck model announced in 2016 from Cybertruck. Tesla Semi-truck production, which was postponed due to inventory problems of Tesla Model 3, will begin in 2021. We take a closer look at the price and features of the Tesla Semi truck, which is expected to travel for very long kilometers with a single charge.

Elon Musk does not want Tesla to remain a brand that only produces passenger cars daily. Therefore, it tries to bring the comfort and savings of electric vehicles to the business world with the Cybertruck and Tesla Semi truck models it has announced. Tesla Semi, originally announced in 2016, may hit the road sooner than we thought.

Tesla Semi, which will start mass production in 2021, seems to be the new favorite of shipping companies in the USA. Although Tesla Semi’s estimated price is one click above the expected, it seems that it will close this gap with the fuel savings it will bring to companies annually. If you are ready, let’s take a closer look at the known features and price of the Tesla Semi truck.

What we know about Tesla Semi:

  • Battery capacity and range
  • Charging speed
  • The engines used and the speed of the Tesla Semi
  • Initial production capacity and reservation costs
  • Tesla Semi-autonomous features
  • Tesla Semi price and fuel savings

Battery capacity and range:


Since Tesla Semi is an electric truck, one of the most curious issues is the battery capacity of the model and the range it can cover. Although Elon Musk does not explain the battery capacity of the two Tesla Semi models that will be released, the approximate battery capacity can be calculated with a little mathematics. According to the information announced on Tesla’s website, Tesla Semi consumes an average of 2 kWh of energy per mile.

Considering that the entry-level Tesla Semi model has a range of 300 miles (480 km), this model will have a battery capacity of approximately 500 kWh. Elon Musk’s recent statement supports that the first batch of entry-level Tesla Semi trucks will have a battery with a capacity of 500 kWh. Tesla Semi’s larger and longer-range model has a range of 500 miles (800 km). The battery capacity of this model can be calculated as 900 to 1100 kWh with the same calculation.

Tesla Semi’s charging speed:


Of course, filling the battery of a huge truck will not be as easy as in other Tesla models. According to Elon Musk’s statements, Tesla will create joint work plans with companies for Semi-users to establish “mega charging” stations. Each of these mega charging stations will have 1,000 kilowatts of charging power per hour. In this way, these charging stations will be able to transfer 400 miles (650 km) of energy to Tesla Semi batteries in just half an hour.

Companies such as Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi, and UPS, one of Tesla Semi’s early customers, have begun to set up these charging stations in their own centers. It is planned to establish mega charging stations on the sides of the highway in the coming years.

The engines used and the speed of Tesla Semi:


The engines to be used for Tesla Semi will be almost the same engines used in Tesla Model 3. However, Tesla Semi will use 4 different engines, one for each wheel. A single Tesla Model 3 engine is capable of generating 300 horsepower on its own. When we multiply these engines by 4 and the horsepower that will be lost as a result of connecting the engines, Tesla Semi models are expected to produce at least 1,000 and a maximum of 2,000 horsepower.

When we look at the speed of the Tesla Semi, especially the aerodynamic design of this model contributes greatly to acceleration. While Tesla Semi can reach from 0 to 100 kilometers in 5 seconds without load, it can reach 100 kilometers in 20 seconds under full load. Also, the Tesla Semi, which carries a maximum load of around 36,000 kg, can maintain a speed of 95 kilometers per hour under this load.

Initial production capacity and reservation costs:


It is currently unknown how much of the Tesla Semi will be produced. But again, according to the statements made by Elon Musk, more than 2,000 Tesla Semi pre-orders have been placed so far. The companies that ordered the most Tesla Semi are listed as 125 Tesla Semi and UPS, 100 Pepsi, 50 Wal-Mart, and 50 Los Angeles-based TCI Transportation.

Today, when you want to order Tesla Semi, we encounter quite high order costs. Tesla wants a credit card payment of $ 5,000 and a remittance payment of $ 15,000 for the first Tesla Semi order. An extra $ 20,000 remittance is required for each Tesla Semi after the first order.

Tesla Semi-autonomous features:


Tesla’s first fully autonomous vehicle may be the Tesla Semi, oddly enough. Tesla Semi truck’s cabin design also supports this opinion. Although Elon Musk does not reveal all the features of the Tesla Semi, the single-seat space shuttle-like design of this model at the center will allow the driver to perform better environmental control while on autopilot. Also, smart screens on both sides of this single driver’s seat will support the autonomous experience and driver control.

But there is an obstacle to Tesla Semi in the way of being completely autonomous. Although autonomous testing of mid-level vans and passenger cars is free in the state of California, vehicles with a total weight of more than 4.5 tons are prohibited from being tested, even if they are drivers. Although Tesla Semi has automatic braking, obstacle recognition, lane tracking system, and similar autonomous technologies that are standard in other Tesla models, it seems that it will take quite a while to be completely autonomous.

Tesla Semi price and fuel savings:


We stated that Tesla Semi will have two different models. The starting price of the first serial Tesla Semi truck, which will have a range of approximately 480 km and a battery capacity of around 500 kWh , is listed as 150,000 dollars . The starting price of the second model with a range of 800 km, which will enter production later, will be 180,000 dollars . In addition, Tesla Semi will also be the Founders version with the special design we see in the Tesla Roadster model. The reservation price for this version is currently listed as $ 200,000. Unfortunately, we do not know the features of the Founders Series Tesla Semi at the moment.

So why do the big companies of the USA turn to Tesla Semi trucks without thinking? One of the biggest reasons for this trend is that Tesla Semi saves more fuel than its price in just two years. According to the plan announced by Elon Musk, Tesla Semi saves over $ 200,000 in just two years. Tesla Semi’s electric motors are expected to have a driving life of approximately 1.6 million kilometers.

What we know about Tesla’s new electric truck Tesla Semi , we have come to the end of our content. In a few years, it seems that we will see all-electric trucks of Volvo, Volkswagen, Toyota and many other car manufacturers, except Tesla. What do you think about Tesla Semi? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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