WhatsApp Has Released Videos Showing How Practical It Is To Send Money

WhatsApp shared videos explaining how to use the money sending feature, which is available in some countries such as Brazil and India. According to the videos in question, sending money with WhatsApp is even easier than most bank apps.

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application, offers users a practical and fast messaging service as well as some additional services such as sending money. For these features, which are currently available in a limited number of countries, the company uses the “How-to” channel on its official YouTube channelstarted sharing videos.

The first of the videos shared by WhatsApp is “How to send money using QR code in WhatsApp?” It shows how easy it is to send money from WhatsApp, which has been the subject of some controversy in the past

As WhatsApp shows in the video, sending money to someone using the messaging app is extremely simple. After clicking on the three dots (options) icon on the top right of the WhatsApp main screen, it is necessary to go to the ” Payment ” submenu. On this screen, we can both view our past payments and start a new payment transaction.

When we click on the ” New payment ” button, there are three different options for sending money. You can send money to India’s interbank money transfer system UPI IDQR code, or directly to a registered WhatsApp user. When you select the QR code from here, the camera application opens and you scan the QR code of the device you want to send money to.

“How to send money using QR code in WhatsApp?” named video

After you have determined who you want to send money to, you need to enter the amount you want to send. After completing this process, you need to confirm your UPI ID. After completing this process, all you have to do is confirm the submission. At least for WhatsApp users in India, sending money is that easy.

WhatsApp’s “How to send money using UPI ID in WhatsApp?” The video shows how to send money without dealing with the QR code. The only difference between this option and sending money with a QR code is that in the other option, we enter the UPI ID of the person to whom we will spend money in the step we scan a QR code. Although this option is very similar to the IBAN money transfer we are all familiar with, we can say that it is much more practical.

“How to send money using UPI ID in WhatsApp?” named video


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